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Mark 9:41 "I tell you the truth, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my
name because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward"

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To provide emotional, educational, residential, and where necessary, financial support to young girls who are victims of teen pregnancy. To assist them to become competent, loving, caring mothers while they uninterruptedly pursue their academic dreams and career goals in a Godly and supportive environment.

The Nigerian 1999 Constitution calls for Basic Human Rights for all and Freedom from Gender Discrimination. However, 10 years later women all over Nigeria endure horrendous miseries; especially teenage mothers:
Nigerian girls are often forced to marry at a very young age due to poverty.
Many young Nigerian girls are sold into prostitution and trafficking.
Many young Nigerian mothers sell their babies to make quick money.
Child Abuse and Black Market "Adoption" rate in Nigeria has risen beyond imagination.

Continual tribal conflicts, famine and the country's weak economic policies have created problems for all Nigerians, but especially teenage mothers. As girls marry at a young age, they may become widows in their late teens or 20s. Unfair laws prevent the young widows from inheriting their husband's property, often leaving them and their children in extreme poverty. Continued regional conflicts leave hundreds of young women widowed each year, forcing them to find ways to care for themselves, and for their children. Unfortunately, the number of young widows increases annually, and only education will alleviate this problem; and enhance basic Human Rights For All to young teenage mothers of Nigeria.
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